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Adkins Alpha MK10

Adkins Alpha MK10

Large Format 183x91cm Pneumatic.
Art.Nr.:Alpha MK10

Prijs op aanvraag
Vrielink Transfers Import/Export
Hanzestraat 17
7622 AX Borne

Telephone: +31 (0)74-2669014
Email: info@transferpersen.nl

Alpha Mk. 10 Press

A pneumatically operated single or double headed heat press for printing garment panels and similar larger items that is available in either single or double table configuration.
This robust machine is powered by a micro-processor for control of both heat and dwell accuracy and ease of operation.
The Alpha Mk. 10 Press also features an automatic release system at the end of the pressing cycle.
  • Safety installation or commissioning charges are charged extra and available on request

  • 30% deposit required with official order, balance prior to despatch of machine

Control Panel:

  • Computerised LED digital microprocessor control

  • Digital temp./time control

  • Countdown digital timer to buzzer alarm

  • Illuminated on/off switch

  • Temp./ time controller has built in facility giving error messages in the event of a fault in either the heating element or control system, thus saving time and lost production


  • 183 cm x 91 cm (72" x 36") (x2) twin or single table(s)

  • Pneumatic operation from compressed air

  • Adjustable pressure set by a regulator valve

  • Heat controller with a temperature range of 50-250°C

  • Temperature control accurate to +/- 2°C

  • Electronic timer range of 999 minutes

  • Automatic release system at the end of the pre-set timer pressing cycle

  • Easy slide base tables with a special absorbent pads and covers for even transfer application, ideal for the innovative art and technical departments of schools/colleges and Industrial Factory applications

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