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Adkins Alpha MK6

Adkins Alpha MK6

Large Format 137x76cm Pneumatic.
Art.Nr.:Alpha MK6

Prijs op aanvraag
Vrielink Transfers Import/Export
Hanzestraat 17
7622 AX Borne

Telephone: +31 (0)74-2669014
Email: info@transferpersen.nl

Alpha Mk. 6 Press

A pneumatically operated heat press for printing garment panels and similar larger items.
This robust machine is powered by a micro-processor for control of both heat and dwell accuracy and ease of operation and requires minimal operating space.
The Alpha Mk. 6 Press also features an automatic release system at the end of the pressing cycle.
  • Safety installation or commissioning charges are charged extra and available on request

  • 30% deposit required with official order, balance prior to despatch of machine

Control Panel:

  • Computerised LED digital microprocessor control

  • Digital temp./time control

  • Countdown digital timer to buzzer alarm

  • Illuminated on/off switch

  • Temp./ time controller has built in facility giving error messages in the event of a fault in either the heating element or control system, thus saving time and lost production


  • 137cmx76cm (54"x30") table

  • Pneumatic operation from compressed air

  • Adjustable pressure set by a regulator valve

  • Heat controller with a temperature range of 50-250°C

  • Temperature control accurate to +/- 2°C

  • Electronic timer range of 9 minutes 59 seconds

  • Automatic release system at the end of the pre-set timer pressing cycle

  • Easy slide base table with a special absorbent pad and cover for even transfer application
    Ideal for the innovative art and technical departments of schools and colleges

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