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Adkins Beta Cap/Pocket Combo

Adkinson Beta Cap/Pocket Combo
Art.Nr.:Beta Cap/Pocket Combo

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Vrielink Transfers Import/Export
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7622 AX Borne

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Adkins Beta Cap/Pocket Combo
Beta Cap/Pocket Combo
A high quality technologically advanced Cap/Pocket combination press.
The interchangeable Cap and Pocket elements make this an ideal machine.
Built in cast aluminium for strength and durability.
Fitted with a unique advanced computerised LED controller to accurately monitor temperature and time settings. Pressure adjustment is by fingertip control.
This press is suitable for both light and heavy pressure requirements.

Control Panel:

  • Computerised LED digital microprocessor control

  • Digital temp./time control

  • Countdown digital timer to buzzer alarm

  • Illuminated on/off switch

  • Temp./ time controller has built in facility giving error messages in the event of a fault in either the heating element or control system, thus saving time and lost production


  • Cap: 15cmx9cm (6"x3.6") table

  • Pocket: 8cmx6cm (3.14"x2.36") table
                10.3cmx10cm (5.12"x4") table

  • Wide opening area for ease of placement of caps

  • Fingertip pressure control

  • Adjustable base table

  • Locking mechanism to hold cap in position during transfer

  • Cast aluminium construction for strength and durability

  • Self adhesive silicone base pad

  • Manufactured and tested to comply with  EC safety regulations. CE labelled

  • 12 month warranty on machine

  • Full service/spares support

  • Manual supplied illustrates electrical wiring diagrams, exploded diagram and parts list. Full safety instructions

  • Thermal cut out on the heating element shuts off power to the elements if the temperature exceeds 235+/- 15ºC (455+/- 27ºF)

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